Inaugural Build Blog – A Maloof Style Rocker

•May 29, 2012 • 1 Comment

Yes, I went and did it. I completely lost my mind. I am very much new to this whole hobby / pass time /addiction that is woodworking and I was searching for a project that would test my mettle.

Something that I could slowly chip away at (both physically and metaphorically) over an indeterminate period of time. Something that, if successful, would be both an extremely satisfying personal accomplishment and also something that would become an heirloom piece to hand down through the generations. Something that my kids can one day give to their own children and tell them about the time Grandpa had a midlife crisis and made a rocking chair…..I came up with, as my first foray into fine furniture, a Maloof style rocking chair. This is the point where any of you reading this who know anything about a Maloof style rocker need to stop laughing before you soil yourself and clean the beverage off of your computer screen…go ahead…I’ll wait. For those of you who have no inkling of what a Maloof style rocker is, here is a picture of a very fine one….


After doing a lot of reading on the feasibility of this madness, I decided to go ahead and try it anyway. With this blog I will attempt to document the trials, tribulations, perils, pitfalls, small victories and giant triumphs of the project. Wish me luck, or at the very least, shake your head in disbelief that a person could be so impervious to the obvious fact the odds are that this will not end well….


Stay tuned folks….it’s going to be quite the ride.