A little about me….

I came kicking and screaming (probably, I don’t recall the exact details) into the world in early August of 1978, born and bred in Leeds, England I spent the majority of my childhood and early adolescence peering over my Dad’s shoulder trying to catch a glimpse of his latest creation taking shape in the basement of our old Victorian terraced house (that’d be a row house to those of you from t’other side of the pond).

It constantly amazed me that he could take seemingly scrap pieces of random lumber that he acquired during his day job of installing and replacing windows and conservatories and turn them into finished pieces of furniture that would be either installed in our own home, or more frequently, given to family members.

As I grew older, the desire to create things was somewhat overtaken by the fascination of how things worked and the need to take them apart and figure stuff out (sometime, I even managed to get them back together). That curiosity eventually lead me to a career in IT, working my way up  the slippery slope form lowly bench hand to field engineer to Hotel Desk Clerk (more on that later!), back to IT and eventually to my current bill paying time killer of Director of IT (or something like that).

Somewhere along the way (actually, it was May of 2002), I got married to my long suffering wife Heather, moved to the States to live in the woods in Yosemite National Park for 2 years, relocated to Portland, OR and finally settled in the tiny hamlet of Beavercreek, OR where Heather and I are raising two amazing children, Graham and Carys as well as a menagerie of assorted animals – we’ll get into that a little more later.

Sometime around my 32nd birthday in a moment of introspection, reminiscence or perhaps just one too many glasses of red wine, my brain jumped back to those old days in the musty basement watching my dad cutting, drilling, gluing and, inevitably, swearing but ultimately making something tangible. The need to create returned with a vengeance and I quickly set about reclaiming our garage space and turning it into a workshop. Nothing fancy, but something that would allow me to satiate the need that had bubbled back to the surface and wouldn’t be quieted no matter how much bourbon i threw at it.

I’ll fill in the gaps at a later date but this should suffice for now.


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