Template Time

Did I mention that I got hold of a good set of plans from a very nice gentleman named Bill Kappel (http://kappelusa.com) prior to jumping into this endeavor? He has already graciously offered his advice and wisdom on what path I might take to achieve my goal whilst still maintaining a modicum of sanity. Thank you Bill a thousand times (and a thousand more for the endless list of questions I will probably hit you with somewhere down the line). Anyway, to the point; with the plans I also took possession of a set of full size templates to assist in laying out and cutting the rough shapes for the various parts of the rocker (arms, back slats, runners etc). Over the Memorial Day Weekend, I managed to find the time mount these templates with spray adhesive to some 1/8″ plywood and then cut them  out using the jigsaw. Just one of an innumerable amount boxes checked off the to do list.


~ by Paul Dalton on May 30, 2012.

One Response to “Template Time”

  1. Just came across your web site. How nice of you to mention my work as well as show the progress you are making on a custom rocker. Keep up the good work. Bill Kappel

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